There are several ways to control heating systems with Fibaro. In this tutorial we will look at using Fibaro Dual Relay modules to turn your boiler on and off in conjunction with your existing thermostat.
Fibaro’s RGBW Controllers allow you to set the colour of RGB or RGBW LED strip or run preconfigured colour changing programs.  If you have several RGBW devices and want to synchronise them, you can use Lua on the Home Center 2.
Summer has come and gone and the weather is getting colder. As the mercury drops, the bills get higher. Here we will look at 5 easy ways to start saving energy (and money) with your Fibaro system.
So, you’ve just set up your Fibaro system and your devices are all added and have sensible names and locations. You can control your home from your phone! Anywhere! It is all very exciting, but … what next?

In this tutorial we will look at 5 simple things you may want to do with your new system

The Fibaro Motion Sensor can be configured to detect motion with an accuracy of one second between movements.  With two motion sensors working together on either side of a door, it is possible to count the number of people entering and leaving a room.
The Fibaro motion sensor is three sensors in one (four if your count the accelerometer). It monitors movement in a room, the temperature of a room and also the lux (or light level) in a room. We can use the lux monitoring combined with a Fibaro dimmer module to enable the light level in a room to be maintained.
Let’s talk about controlling your Fibaro RGBW module from a web browser or more excitingly, another device which supports sending HTTP GET requests to the Home Center’s API.