In critical situations, immediate response to threat is the most important factor, which often can save our lives. FIBARO will identify a threat within seconds, warn you of the danger and activate all the pre-programmed alarm procedures, thus preventing a tragedy from happening.
The smoke detector sends a signal to the Fibaro System central unit, informing it of the threat of fire in your house.
The system immediately implements emergency procedures and warns you of the danger.
The alarm system is activated, while all the lights in the house are switched into flash mode to make the threat clearly visible to the appropriate services and to your neighbors.
The Fibaro System opens all the windows in the house, pulls up all the roller blinds, opens the garage door and unlocks all the doors.
The system cuts off the gas supply. At the same time, the ventilation system is activated, on 100% power.
The thermostats and the air conditioning control devices are immediately disconnected, which prevents smoke from spreading in the house.
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YAll the audio and video devices play warning messages and evacuation instructions.
Special pre-configured lighting guides the members of the household to the exit through an escape route.