Wall Plug

FGWPE/F-101 RRP: € 64,99

Beautifully simple. The Fibaro Wall Plug requires no specialist tools or knowledge – just take it out of the box, plug it in to a mains socket and connect any electrical device. The Wall Plug will measure the power draw of the device in real-time. View graphs and charts of the energy consumption of your home or business and identify inefficient and wasteful devices. Receive email notifications if an appliance breaks down, or remotely disable devices when you leave the building to save power.

Motion Sensor

FGMS-001 RRP: € 57,99

With the ability to detect minute movements, meter light intensity and detect if the device itself is moved, the striking new Motion Sensor from Fibaro opens up a wealth of intelligent automation options. By reading light levels in a room, Fibaro can adjust your lighting as natural illumination levels change and ensure optimum comfort and energy efficiency. If there’s no motion in a room and Fibaro detects that an iron has been left on, the system can switch it off and prevent a fire. The Motion Sensor features an internal accelerometer that can raise the alarm if the device is tampered with.

Door/Window Sensor

FGK-101/107 RRP: € 49,99

The Door / Window Sensor is a battery powered reed sensor that expands the capabilities of the system by monitoring the state of doors, windows, garages and other apertures. The sensor can be used to automatically turn a light on when you enter a room, guard against unauthorised access, warn you if you leave your front door open when you leave the house or even reduce your heating bills by excluding zones with open windows from the heating programme. The Door/Window sensor includes support for an optional temperature sensor.

Smoke Sensor

FGSS-001 RRP: € 64,99

The Smoke Sensor is a high-tech fire alarm with both photoelectric and temperature sensors for maximum protection from flaming and smouldering fires. The device features an integral 100dbm siren and an RGB visual indicator for an instant alert, but also feeds back data to the Fibaro system processor – allowing it to take further actions such as closing windows to starve the fire of oxygen and illuminating the escape routes. The Smoke Sensor has a built-in Z-Wave range tester and incorporates an electronic recording device for the purposes of investigating the cause of a fire.

Flood Sensor

FGFS-101 RRP: € 59,99

Beneath the elegant white exterior, the Flood Sensor is equipped with three ultra-sensitive 24-karat gold telescopic probes that allow the sensor to precisely measure moisture and temperature levels. Using this feedback Fibaro can detect floods and take action to isolate electrical appliances and shut off water supplies to limit damage. Thanks to advanced Z-Wave technology and a battery-operated lifespan of up to five years the water-resistant sensor can operate wirelessly from remote locations for years at a time without maintenance.

Universal Sensor

FGBS-1321 RRP: € 39,99

The Universal Binary Sensor is a wireless module that allows you to bridge the output of any binary sensor onto the Z-Wave network and incorporate it into your Fibaro system. The module supports up to two binary sensors and four temperature sensors. The Universal Binary Sensor allows advanced users to quickly and easily incorporate alarm systems, infra-red receivers and other third-party devices into a Fibaro Z-Wave network.